Sunday, August 09, 2015

Blog Wars X - Only 90 days to go! (and Ravenwing ruling)

It doesn't seem like five minutes ago that I was wrapping up Blog Wars 9 and yet BWX is rapidly approaching. I know three months sounds like a long time but I'm sure to those of you trying to paint up your models it doesn't! Especially when the list submission deadline is fast approaching.

For those of you who haven't got a ticket yet, I've sold 36 of the 50 tickets so you don't have long to secure your place. Check out the BWX page for more details and to find out how you can get your ticket.

Now is an excellent time to send me any questions you have about the tournament. That goes for anything that you aren't sure about, be it proxy models, general rules queries, directions, accommodation, scoring, scenarios, food, whatever! Don't leave it to the last minute and hopefully we can avoid any issues on the day.

Ravenwing Strike Force
Whilst we're on the subject of rule queries I think I need to address Ravenwing. Unfortunately I think the Deathwing rules are as intended by GW (which sucks) but the Ravenwing formation is clearly wrong. For those of you who aren't familiar with the DA codex, the Ravenwing Strike Force requires one compulsory HQ and a further 2 optional HQ choices. That would be fine but it also requires that all models in the Detachment have the Ravenwing special rule. That means there's only Sammael who can be fielded. Makes no sense to have the two optional HQs then!

Here's what I propose as a solution: Sammael is a compulsory choice for this detachment. You can then take any other HQ but they must take a Space Marine bike (for the stated points cost). That means you could take an combination of Librarian, Interrogator Chaplain or Techmarine. The Librarian and Chaplain lose the Deathwing rule and all three gain the Ravenwing rule. In practice this makes little difference to them.  The Chaplain is still Fearless and has Hatred thanks to Zealot. The librarian loses Hatred and Fearless but getting Ravenwing more than compensates for this.

What do people think? I thought it only fair to make Sammael compulsory since he's the Master of the Ravenwing and strictly speaking the only legal choice. I didn't think it was fair to get Deathwing AND Ravenwing rules. I'm open to suggestions on this though and I'll be guided by the general consensus. Of course, there's nothing stopping you taking a second detachment of Deathwing or whatever.

Anyway, get back to painting and I'll see you all in November!


  1. As someone who is seriously thinking about taking a Ravenwing army to blog wars X, this is probably the solution that I would have chosen.

    There was another query that was raised regarding flyers in the Ravenwing Strike Force. The "Strike as one" rule states "All of the unit in this Detachment must either be placed in Reserve or deployed as normal". Does this mean that flyers cannot be taken? If all units are placed in reserve then the army is auto-lose as they cannot appear until turn two. From my own interpretation, I would say that "deployed as normal" means that units are deployed on the board and flyers go in to reserve as this is their "normal" deployment and does not force every unit to start in reserve. If you could weigh in with a ruling on this? (especially before I go and purchase a new flyer!).

    1. I agree with you on that. Flyers are normally "deployed" in reserve. It would be stupid to force the whole army to be in reserve (and therefore auto-lose) just because of flyers. Therefore, only units which don't have a choice e.g. flyers, drop pods (not that you get many RW ones) would be excluded. Everything else would have to deploy or be in reserve. Of course there could be a second detachment of DW or something so that you didn't have the auto-lose issue but still, I'd say flyers are exempt.

      GW dropped the ball on this one. Seems to be DA who get the brunt of that a lot.

      Again though, I appreciate any comments on the matter from DA players or general attendees alike.

  2. I just hop I can get my Dark Angels done, as you say three months does not feel long enough, certainly not for the way I paint. Even if I get some done I'll have to proxy my Cerastus as a standard Knight and potentially play with unfinished models which offends me personally although I have got a Land Raider that'll also bulk out the points that is painted, just not by me. Sadly I haven't got any of the Dark Angel stuff painted that makes them particularly Dark Angels :(

  3. I think that's a fair soloution that makes sense :) I can't decide on my army list and whether I should include some guardsmen or not!


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