Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Eldar Models for Pre-Order on GW Site

The next installment of GW relentless 40K release schedule is the long awaited Eldar update. In what seems to be the standard format now, Eldar are getting a new dual-kit flyer, massive walker thing, a couple of new finecast models, a plastic single model and some updated plastics. 

Before I go any further it's worth noting that GW are also doing some triple packs for other armies such as space marine bikes and necron destroyers. This seems to follow the trend started with the crisis teams. It's something GW have done in the past and it's nice to see it back but with prices higher than ever it doesn't offer all that good value.

Anyway, back to the Eldar stuff. I can't say I've read many of the rumoured rules but here's some reaction based on the new models on the GW site. Interestingly all the the pre-orders seem to be packaged in a new style box which is similar to the Dark Vengeance kit. 

First up let's take a look at the flyer. The kit comes in at £40 (same as the Tau model) and can be made into either the Hemlock Wraithfighter or Crimson Hunter. When I first saw the leaked WD pictures of it I really wasn't all that fussed but thankfully the pictures on the GW site do it more justice. Not sure how they manage it but WD pictures always seem to be from crap angles. The fighter is armed with two "heavy D-scythes". Assuming these have a similar profile to a D-cannon but aren't blast and they'll be pretty decent at taking down flyers. The alternative is the Crimson Hunter which you'd have to assume was a bomber but perhaps not since it's armed with bright lances. Interestingly it can be taken as an exarch variant whatever that does. 

Next the much talked about Wraithknight. First shots of it make it look enormous. It's apparently 9" tall which puts a stormraven under its chin! Again the new pictures of it make it look at lot better than the WD ones do. Seems you can equip it with a wide variety of weapons including some CC options. I'm looking forward to reading the proper rules for this but it looks immense. You'd have to assume the rumours of T8 W6 are accurate based on its size alone. That makes it pretty sturdy when you consider S4 can't hurt it and S5 & 6 will need 6s to wound. Granted this was the case with the wraithlord but presumably the knight has a 2+ save and double the wounds. Not looking forward to trying to deal with this guy. I'd have to hope he's similar in price to a land raider if not more. When the riptide comes in around 200pts this guy would have to be 250-300pts I'd expect.

These guys have always been something I wanted but could never justify the expense of. They're T6 in the current codex which I hope will stay. Having a plastic kit will really help these guys as it brings their cost down dramatically. I'm interested to see how the wraithblades play out but their problem will be getting into combat without an assault vehicle. Since there's no sign of a new transport, unless they can deep strike they might not be all that useful. Time will tell I suppose. Either way it's great that there's a new kit and they can finally be a reasonable choice for the army. Whether they're troops or not remains to be seen but let's hope so. Can't say the new models are that exciting but it's the reduced cost that will make people buy them. (strange sentence when talking about a GW product).

Illic Nightspear
This guy looks interesting. I've always liked my pathfinders but I'm intrigued to see what this new special character will do for them. The model is nice but not particularly mind blowing. It's the rules that might make him interesting. It would've been good to see some plastic rangers with him but the old models are decent enough.

The new models are gorgeous even if the spiritseer does appear to be rocking out with his left hand. Also released are some psychic cards to cover the 2 new disciplines. It'll be interesting to see what they do with some of the powers. Fortune is a big deal for Eldar and particularly farseers/warlocks. I'm intrigued about what the 14 powers will be. I've still got my Eldrad model that I couldn't bring myself to sell so I'm also looking forward to seeing what he can do now. He's got to be at least mastery 4 surely?

Other Stuff
With the vyper now available in the battleforce AND as a 3-bike kit you'd have to assume that the rules for it are much better than before. Perhaps it's been given the piranha treatment of being stupidly cheap. Still, it'd need more firepower than it had before.

I'm expecting that the troops will remain the same at guardians, pathfinders and dire avengers. It'll be interesting to see where jetbikes and wraithguard go though.

I used to own an Eldar army but sold it all off when the Dark Eldar models caught my eye. There's no doubt that Eldar are going to be powerful in comparison to their emo cousins but I can't see me swapping back again. However, since Eldar are battle bros with both my DE and Tau I can see me getting an allied detachment to give me some of the new toys without forking out for a whole army. I'll certainly be getting the book on release day if just for the stunning front cover art. It's easily the best one so far.

It'll be interesting to see how the new Eldar play. One thing that a lot of people are wondering about is Runes of Warding. As the best psychic defense around it'll make a big difference if it get's nerfed. Realistically it has to though as it can shut down other armies completely. What I expect will happen is that it'll be reduced to a bubble of 24 or even 12". I'm personally interested in where the Avatar fits in. I've always loved the model and although it's going to take a backseat to the knight I'm still keen to use one.

Ultimately the biggest thing will be the points cost of these things. The flyers and knight in particular need to be costed right to be seen in many armies. I'll obviously post up more when I've got the book in my grubby hands.


  1. There's done beautiful models in the range. The big Wraith Knight looks a bit clunky so I'll have to see it in the flesh before I pronounce judgement.

    I'll definitely be picking up the book, as my next project after finishing my Squats will be an Exodite army of dragon-riders. It'll take another few years to come to fruition but I think it will be a cool army on the tabletop!

  2. I think the flyers are rumoured to be 185 and 160 respectively and the wraithknight 3+ save but with an invulnerable. It will draw a lot of fire from ap2 weapons so it'll need that ++ save as cover will be difficult to come by. 6 wounds is a given due to its size and it seems you can either go sword and shield, suncannon and shield or 2 wraithcannons. Suncannon and shield looks like a good combo.

  3. Man my wallets going to take a hit when these come out! Nothing spectacular but new and different which means there'll be a hole in my collection.
    Graham (Gripper)


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