Monday, February 03, 2014

Blog Wars 7 - 14th June 2014 - Tickets Now on Sale!

The time has finally come for Blog Wars 7 tickets to go on sale! I know I say this every time but I can't believe the event has received so much support over the years. I hope to see a lot of the regulars in attendance along with some new faces. I'd like to remind everyone that despite the name this is no longer an event exclusively for bloggers.

Scenarios & Scoring
Over the weekend I've been tweaking the scenarios for Blog Wars 7. I was originally planning on keeping them the same as BW6 but I wanted to adjust things slightly to hopefully create more interesting games with an emphasis on bloody battles rather than sitting back and shooting each other from range.

The maximum number of points available in each round has been adjusted to 33 (30 primary, 3 secondary). This is largely to make the maths easier on my end but once again the idea is to minimise the number of clashes and to encourage people to push for those extra few VPs here and there. As I said in an earlier post the score cards have been redesigned to hopefully make filling them out a lot easier. I've worked on the spreadsheet a little too, once again this should make the event run more smoothly. I'm keeping the somewhat controversial rules on tabling too.

The first round will be effectively Purge the Alien but with the points based on unit values rather than a single VP per unit. In a slight change from BW6 the SC is now worth 100 bonus points not 150. This is basically just to make the maths simpler. This is the only round where tabling will give you maximum points too. Speaking of which if you're playing an army that is capable of giving away extra points by spawning units or with VP bonuses these will still count towards your total but the maximum is fixed at 30 VPs. This means people aren't penalised just because they didn't play Tyranids, Daemons or whatever in the first round.

The second round is Emperor's Relic again with the only difference from the Blog Wars 6 version being that the VPs for each objective have changed slightly. This will hopefully encourage people to push for their opponents objective to get maximum points. In this round tabling will not give you full points so if you want them you're going to have to slog across the board or find another way of taking your opponent's objective.

The final round features a new scenario that I've pretty much stolen verbatim from my local tournament venue, The Outpost. I'm calling it Control Freak and basically there's control points which are worth 1VP for every player turn you control them. The game is limited to 5 turns so again, there's 30 primary VPs on offer. Tabling simply ends the scoring where it is when the last model dies.

Obviously I can understand the issues people have with the tabling rules but I don't want to encourage people to bring leafblower style lists that shoot their opponent off the board regardless of the mission being played. There's no point having objectives in that case. Please bear this in mind when writing your lists, if you only bring two scoring units then you simply can't score full VPs in anything but the first round.

Ticket Costs and Prizes 
Tickets remain at £15 which is the same as they cost at the original Blog Wars three years ago. I'm determined to keep them at that price for as long as I can. For your £15 you get lunch, 3 games of 40K in a friendly atmosphere, free entry into the raffle (prizes to be announced) and the chance to win spot prizes throughout the day.

I'm contacting a few companies about sponsorship of the event as I'd like to offer even more prizes than ever before. Stay tuned to the blog to find out if I manage to get anyone interested!

As ever you can either use the PayPal button on the right or contact me via email to buy multiple tickets. I'll be asking for email addresses for all players so if your regular email differs from your PayPal account please let me know.

Please take the time to read through the rules pack by clicking on the big Blog Wars logo on the right or clicking here. If you've got any questions about anything (but in particular the scenarios) then please comment here or email me directly using the Contact Me link on the right.

Finally I'd like to point out that I'll only be playing in the event that we have an odd number on the day. This will mean I'll be on hand to referee if necessary and that the event should run more smoothly. If I do play, I'll be running a friendlier list (no Tau in sight) and I won't be eligible for any prizes.


  1. Put me down for this Alex. Also it's my Birthday on the 4th.

    This time I'm going for No1 for reals :P

  2. I'll definitely be buying a ticket. We are also looking to get a load of our local club (Red Steel Preston) members coming after we've been telling them about the greatest friendly tournament in all of the UK for the last few years...think we are up to about half a dozen so far.

    BTW - Faeit posted an article up today about an interesting tournament scoring style - kind of similar to your Mission 3:

  3. Ah gutted I can't come :( some stupid wedding to go to. I hope it goes well!

  4. Excellent missions, Alex - really looking forward to playing them, especially 'Control Freak'. That should be a great leveller of armies and keep the Deathstars at bay.

    Anyway, I've bought my ticket now. Looks like I've missed out on ticket number one yet again!

    Graham S.

  5. Are we allowing data slates and inquisitorial detachments?

    1. For now. I'm not a fan but they aren't too awful.

  6. Hey there. I've met you guys on a couple of occasions at GW Battle Brothers. I'm considering coming along this time. I have a van and I'm happy to bring a sh*t load of terrain.


  7. I'm in, now which overpriced Space Wolf character to bring...

  8. I may just do! Been tring Bjorn lists tho for fun... Gotta love the bear! Have you got this tourney advertised on the warhammer forum? That should help fill those slots.

  9. I don't really want it advertised on the Warhammer Forum. It's grown by word of mouth and I like it being small and friendly. The slots will fill up.


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