Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog Wars 2 - Last Few Days for Tickets, Packs and Army Lists

According to the big countdown clock there's just over 10 days left until Blog Wars 2 is upon us! I've had a few more people get in touch over last weekend saying they'd like to come so we should have 20+ on the day. Whilst I don't think we'll have more than last time it's still a pretty good turnout for this time of year I reckon.

Dave, Jamie, Matt and I went down to Maelstrom last weekend to try play what we termed "Blog Wars 1.5" between the four of us. We played all three missions and depending on who you talk to either I won or Matt and Jamie drew for the title. I'll post a bit more of a "tournament" report up tomorrow (if I get chance) but a few things came up about the missions that need ironing out. Don't worry they aren't changing drastically I just think the scoring needs looking at. I'm going to re-write them tonight and everyone who's bought a ticket will receive a copy of them along with the tournament pack by email by the end of the week. If you want me to use a different address to the one you use for PayPal then let me know. Also I'm going to try and do some name badges this time around with peoples' name, avatar and blog on them.

Despite what I said in previous posts the venue only needs a weeks notice so I'll be able to accept ticket purchases until Friday at midnight when I'll be removing the link. Army lists need to be with me by the end of Saturday night and once they're in you must bring the same army on the day. If something drastic happens in that week then I might make an exception but otherwise tough luck! If there are any non-standard models in your army (i.e. counts as) then please let me know at this stage. I'll remind people that if you've got any dietary requirements including vegetarianism you should tell me now because it'll be too late on the day.

Scenario Changes
As I said not much will be changing but I think the amendments will mean there's less chance of duplicate pairings and a more even battles.

Scenario 1
This is probably the most simple scenario but I felt that the 3 point bonus for killing your opponents special character was too much of a bonus. Whilst I want it to be significant I don't think it should be game changing. At 3 points you could potentially be kicking your opponent's ass but he kills his special character and you don't kill his. Therefore I'm dropping it down to 2 points which is more in line with the other scenarios' bonuses for the special characters.

I've altered the tournament point allocation slightly to bring in more levels to better differentiate between a close victory and a decisive one.

Scenario 2
Remains essentially unchanged apart from the TPs which are now broken down further and tabling your opponent will now guarantee 5 TPs for the primary objective. The secondary objective (VPs) give tournament points in smaller brackets now.

Scenario 3
Again tabling your opponent will give you the max TPs for the primary objective. The attacker and defender is now determined by a roll off instead of the current points leader of the pair getting to choose.

Just minor tweaks here and there to hopefully make things fairer really. I hope people can see why I've changed what I have but feel free to comment. As I say the final scenarios will be with you all by the end of the week.

I look forward to seeing you all there and I can't wait to see the lists people have come up with!


  1. Hi mate,
    I think I have an additional 2 to come to the party..
    Will know for sure about one of them tomorrow at the gaming club..
    The other Atreides is working on..

    No worries on lists, I'll get mine across later in the week..

    Missions? You mentioned a mission pack? Or is it on the site and I'm being thick?

    Blog Wars 2 champ - Ven ;)

  2. The missions have been talked about on here in several posts and there's a link from the BW2 page!

    I did wonder if you guys has seen them when I saw Atreides list!

  3. Hi dude
    I have a counts as SC do you need a pic of the model
    I can't what for this should be good fun

  4. Looking forward to it now.

    Glad you changed up mission 3 - I had a test game and it did feel advantageous to the attacker...much better to roll-off.

  5. Still dunno what I'm going to use....

    Yarrik is calling to me, as well as the "All Catachan Party" of Straken, Marbo and Harker...

  6. Haha, bring the Catachan crew!

    @FTF - I think I still have one more to play, but he wasn't down on club night, I've emailed him, but I am not sure if he will get his list in on time..

    Its a Ghazzie Ork list...so no big surprises for anyone, but I am doing my best mate..

  7. Bah sod it I'm lumping with my Wolves. CBA to sort though 6000+ points of IG that's still packed up from when I moved!



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