Friday, April 01, 2011

GW Announce New Space Wolves Models!!

Just had an email from GW saying that they're going to be releasing a second wave of Space Wolf models soon. Sadly no pictures yet but I expect a plastic dreadnought kit (to make Bjorn etc), some thunderwolves (finally!) and fenrisian wolves. Bit frustrating when a lot of people, including me, have gone and bought third party ones. Mind you I can guarantee the GW versions won't be cheap based on the recent pricing for the GK stuff.

I'll keep you posted when I have more details and hopefully some pictures.


  1. ooooooh! Yet to receive my email from them, but I'm now properly excited - we finally get our second wave after everyone else has their third (or 435th if you are either guard or orks).

  2. Andy - Dude what date is it today? In the words of Admiral Akhbar "Its a Trap"

    Happy April fools ;)

  3. Yeah, I got the same email. There was a footnote at the bottom announcing codex squats as the next release after that......

    Good work mate

  4. That would be the cruellest April fools of all time.

  5. I've had no e-mail yet.

    This is the reason I haven't brought any 3rd party Thunderwolves yet (mainly as I play at Warhammer World) cos I knew the second I did GW would bring some out.

  6. Pleased I got some people at least. Not bad for a quick post over breakfast. Have to do something better if I'm still blogging next year. In all seriousness though i'd rather they did a new Ragnar than TWC. Might have to try a conversion.

  7. Played for and got!

    Very well done there sir.

  8. Not impressed. Brad telling me he was selling all his Space Wolves to play Grey Knights was one thing, but this was a bit too cruel.

  9. for half a second I was very excited.


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