Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blog Wars Tickets Now Available

As you can see from the right of the page the Blog Wars tournament tickets are now available. Tickets are priced at £15 and there will be 40 available. If demand is high (which I don't really expect) then I may be able to offer more tickets once I've confirmed availability with the venue. If you have any difficulties buying tickets either comment here or contact me using the link on the right.

I've updated the event details on the Blog Wars page including a list of accepted codexes and details about the compulsory Special Character rule. If there are still any questions feel free to contact me and I'll attempt to resolve them.

Upon buying your ticket please specify your name (and blog), email address and the army you intend to use. Once people start buying tickets I'll change the list on the page to reflect ticket sales and players/armies attending. In a few weeks time I'll send out event packs to those who have purchased tickets. Until that time your PayPal receipt is proof of purchase and means you have secured a ticket.

As I've mentioned on the page the ticket costs covers £7.50 for your lunch on the day (please bear in mind Maelstrom do not allow food to be brought in from outside the venue) with the remaining £7.50 going into the prize pot. Assuming we get 20 people attending the prizes will be broken down as follows:
Prize pot total: £150
First Place - £50 Maelstrom voucher
Second Place - £30 Maelstrom voucher
Third Place - £20 Maelstrom voucher
Wooden Spoon - £10 Maestrom voucher
Best Painted Army - £25 Maelstrom voucher
Best Painted SC - £15 Maelstrom voucher

If more than 20 tickets are sold then the extra prize fund will create a raffle of GW products. Everyone who enters will automatically get a ticket with the winners being drawn at the end of the day.

I look forward to seeing you all there and hopefully wiping your armies from the board. For now I need to crack on and get my army painted up so that they'll look good as they lose!


  1. Hi mate,
    can you reserve a few tickets for Sons' guys? T

    There will be at least 4 of us for definate - me (venerable brother), Atreides (Andy), Bully (damian) and Bringer of Death (Steve)...

    Just don't want to lose out whilst I speak to the guys and organise payments etc...

    Hope this is not a problem.


  2. Really can't see them selling out that fast but sure, no problem.

  3. I'm sure it won't mate, but you can never tell..I don't want to miss out on the blog tournament of the year! Possibly the greatest blogging event of all time! lol! Will get on it sharpish though and get some tickets ordered. Just need to confirm with the boys.

  4. Sorry to break it to you Adam but Craig from The 40K Project got the first one (well after me that is). You were 4th in actual fact.

    For reference guys the "Item Number" you see on the PayPal page is an irrelevant indexing thing in case I had a wide variety of things for sale that I wanted to track. Therefore everyone is buying item 0001. Sorry!

  5. Heres a question mate, what's your/mealstrom's stance on "moral support" I've a mate who fancies coming and having a look at a tourney, but he's not up for competeing, does he still need a ticket or can he come and hang out and help me fetch and carry?

  6. He's welcome to come along mate. The more the merrier. Only thing is he'll not be included for the numbers for lunch so he'll have to buy some on the day or pay the £7.50 to be included in the buffet. Up to you.

  7. When I get paid in a few weeks I'll get my but my partipation is far from confirmed.

    I have Jury Duty starting the 31st of May and if I get something real bad then I could be locked away for the weekend missing out on blog wars, my bloody birthday and my Girl Friend.

    Sadly none of those are a good enough reason to get it deferred :(

  8. No worries Tic Tac. Nothing you can do about it unfortunately. Let's hope you can make it.

  9. I'll see if me and a few other bloggers can make it :)

  10. I paid :) Ven already had a spot reserved for me i believe!

  11. Many thanks for the great response so far. Just a reminder, can everyone remember to put their name, blog and army they'll be taking in the "instructions to merchant" part of the checkout.

    If your name has "Army TBC" next to it on the list please email me with what you'll be bringing.


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