Friday, April 01, 2011

I Pity The Fool(s)! & a bit about Blog Wars

Well that worked surprisingly well! I was sat having my breakfast this morning when I remembered what day it is. Apologies to anyone who read it and got their hopes up, on any other day I reckon more people would've believed it. 

Anyway, I know my posting has been a bit sparse recently but I've had my stag weekend and excessive shifts at work. Next couple of weeks that'll all ease off so I'm hopefully going to get a few more posts up. Firstly I want to get the Blog Wars tickets announced so people can plan their lives around it. I'd also like to write a few more army/equipment selection posts since these seem to have gone down well. I'll try and combine this into an army wide tactica at some point too. There should be a SW vs GK battle report on Sunday after I play Jamie tomorrow and a few other bits and pieces I've been meaning to post for a while.

Blog Wars
On the subject of Blog Wars I've realised there's a slight flaw in my plans. There aren't many tournaments where the host plays games as well as running it and this is probably for two reasons. Firstly, because if he wins it's a bit awkward. This is easily fixed by saying I'm exempt from any prizes. The second issue is tabulating the results and determining the play order not to mention a bit of refereeing. The former should be easy to sort with a decent spreadsheet but the latter is trickier. 

Whilst I'm aiming for BW to be a friendly tournament, I realise the inclusion of prizes means that people will want the event to be properly run and reffed. However, as it's intended to be a community run tournament, I reckon people can come to their own agreements about things. Since there won't be many of us there it shouldn't be too hard to find me mid-game and ask for a second (or rather third) opinion on any issues. When it comes down to it you can always let the dice gods decide. There's plenty of time for the games (2hr 30min) so there shouldn't be too much of a rush and with 15 mins between them I'll have enough time to get results tabled. Matt will help with this if he finishes his games before me.

I thought a fair solution would be that if there's an even number of us on the day then I'll not play (and do some photography) but if there's an odd number I'll jump in to make sure everyone gets their games. Ultimately I recognise that it's up to you lot. How does that sound? Would people play in a tournament without refs? Are there any rules/organisational issues you want cleared up in advance?

As always your input is appreciated.


  1. Not fussed mate. Like you say, its a fun community event and not a die-hard tournament. I think it'll work either way.

  2. I played a judge-less event in Feb. It worked pretty smoothly, though I didn't enjoy the 'feel' as much as when judges are present.

    I think that's perception though, I doubt it would have made any difference.

  3. Well I'm sure if anyone acts like a dick their e-cred will dive bomb fast!

  4. More than happy to have you referee and play, its all just fun anyway and should be treat that way.

    What about trying for consensus of the players on the two tables either side first, then get judges in? They'll probably have heard all the arguing anyway and formed their own opinions.

  5. if you intend to do this, my only suggestion would be to get one or possibly two other players (maybe randomly assigned ones, or vulunteers from other teams) to be judges as well. that way, no claims of bias can possibly be leveled at anyone :)


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