Monday, June 12, 2017

Double Trouble 2 Painting Competition - Best Army & Best Conversions (pic heavy)

Just like in the original Double Trouble, the painting competition at DT2 was split into four categories with £50 worth of Element Games vouchers up for grabs: Best Painted Army (£15), Best Conversions (£15), Best Painted Character (£10) and Best Painted Vehicle or Monster (£10). Players could only enter one category so it was up to them to decide which one to enter to give them the best chance of winning.

Today I'll cover the Best Army and Best Conversions entries. Much better pictures this year as we weren't playing in a cave like last year. Still, apologies as ever for the picture quality. I have to dash out and take these between entering scores and trying to eat lunch!

Best Army
There were five entries for Best Army. First up Thomas Capper's Blood Angels (1 vote):

Next we have Cal Goodger's Iron Warriors (1 vote):

In third place, Peter Barrett's Alpha Legion (2 votes):

A surprise (to me at least) runner up, Dave Weston's awesome Ravenwing (9 votes):

The overall winner was Jack Turner's Ryza Cult Mechanicus force (14 votes):

Best Conversions
Just three entries here. First up Kai-Uwe Müller-Joswig's Wulfen (1 vote):

In second place Matt Calow's Legiones (7 votes):

Finally, in first place and a thoroughly deserved winner, Ian Connolly's incredible work on his Top Gun inspired Ork Army (19 votes):

Some stunning and inspirational stuff there. Come back tomorrow for the entries in the single miniature categories. If you want to keep track of developments with the event and find out when the next one will be then join the Double Trouble group on Facebook.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, although I assure you it is purely a good looking army and is far from effective... over 6 games at two doubles tournaments over two weekends, I was on the winning side for a total of one game. I still had models on the table for a total of... one game. Of my five tablings, only twice did my partner share my fate. My boyz can only go up in eighth edition, and I guess the up side of having had a crap codex for so long, I've tried pretty much everything, which gives me a wealth of army building options when I get that index in hand... ;)

    2. Also as a nids player I share your pain, and hopes ;) while I was taking pictures I kept on wondering who's phone had the Top Gun theme as a ringtone. It must have been about 2 or 3 minutes before I realised it was coming from your carrier 😂

    3. You are far from the first to be faced with such confusion ;)

  2. Well deserved and shame Dave didn't get a trophy, I've followed his painstakingly attention to detail progress but guess he can't win ALL the time! ;) well done Jack!

    1. I voted for the other guy, but by god it was a tough choice. Nice to have such dilemmas of course.

      It was also nice in this event, with how everyone got mixed around, to see these armies in more than just the brief lunch hour as is normally the case. I played against 2 of the 5 best army entries, and alongside the winner. I also played against one of the entries for best conversion, while using one myself. If I recall correctly I also played against one of the best miniature entrants and I think two of the vehicle/monster category. I feel spoiled in the showcasing of talents!

    2. I voted for the AdMech, it was my favourite. Better luck next time, although I'm thinking Genestealer Cult...


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