Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Armies for Double Trouble (Part 1)

Last week I posted asking for people to submit some pictures of the army they're working on for Double Trouble. I got literally no responses so I decided to email everyone who's bought a ticket and now I've actually had some stuff so here goes.

First up here's Daniel Wellington's Ad Mech offering. This was particularly intriguing for me because not only is in in Ryza colours (which my Ad Mech would/will be) but also because he's got purple as an accent colour which is what I often do with my armies.

I think they already look awesome and I can't wait to see them in the (plastic) flesh. He says this was where they were at about a month ago and he's in the process of adding some Breachers which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Next up for today is Michael Corr (the same guy who's blog I featured on recently). Here's what he had to say:

As Double Trouble is fast approaching, I began to think about which of my armies I wished to take to the tournament. I have a feeling that Double Trouble is going to be an unusual and fun gaming event and am really interested to see how the random pairings will work each round. I decided that I could branch out a bit from my standard marine tournament armies (my Ravenwing and White Scars) and maybe take a force that sees the table less often. With that in mind, I have been coming up with a Double Trouble list for each of my 4 armies, looking to the blogging community on which force they would like to see or face. You can find my 4 potential lists here. Any comments on which list you would like to see or how to improve any of my lists would be much appreciated!

My personal vote would be the Orks because Orks are awesome. I love playing with or against them. The more greenskins at DT the better frankly! I'm even considering swapping my DE plans out for Orks to be honest.

Anyway, I'll be back on Sunday/Monday (motivation permitting) with some more army progress pictures. Hope you enjoy this little series.

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  1. Dan's army looks really cool. Interestingly I met Dan at a Battle Brothers event at Warhammer World. His partner dropped out and he'd asked on a Tyranid forum for someone to take the spot. We had an absolutely fantastic time and actually came second. It just goes to show how these doubles tournaments can work and bring people together so I'm really looking forward to getting my ticket.


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