Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blog Wars 6 Painting Competition (pic heavy)

As ever the standard of painting at Blog Wars was high considering the small number of armies in attendance. Once again I didn't get time to go around and judge them all for myself but I was still pleased with the results. At Blog Wars there are competitions for Best Army but also for Best Special Character. Somehow the same person never wins both!

Here's a selection of some of the armies before I get onto the winners.

Here's Jamie's entry this time around. It's a really impressive collection but I'm actually relieved it didn't win so that the event wouldn't look like a complete fix!!!! The farseer in the last picture is based on the PC game Dawn of War and acts as Eldrad. I particularly like the runes orbitting her but I'm sure they wouldn't last five minutes in my stubby fingers!

Tyranids were the best army this time around with Dave Weston taking the title with some beautiful conversions. It even managed to win despite being displayed on a red plastic tray that didn't really compliment the army!

Finally Chris Benstead (who won Best Army last time), took the prize for best special character this time around for his Abaddon. His Iron Warriors are stunning and I failed to get pictures last time so I'm pleased I (well Matt) managed to get some shots this time around.

It's always my favourite part of the event and it's just a shame I didn't find the time to judge them myself. I'm thinking at Blog Wars 7 I might have a TO's choice award for my favourite which isn't always the same as the voting.


  1. Ha, ha, I know it was an appalling display, I'm so sorry. We seemed to be the last to finish our game and I set them all up on the trays ready to move for the next one and then just looked at how awful it was and then went, 'aah, whatever!' hopefully folk will judge the minis on their own. Thankfully they did.

    I didn't even remember to point out my Zoanthrope was my Doom proxy until about half way through voting although I agreed with the winner and voted for Chris Benstead's Abaddon. My fave army was the Space Wolves but a special mention goes to the Rebel Imperial guard, full of character.

    1. Dave - I love your Nids and they absolutely deserved to win. We were actually talking about how Nids can be painted beautifully instead of the normal base and wash but it's rare to see - we walk in to do the voting and there was yours - stunning! Especially impressed by the consistency across all the gribblies ( I have about 4k of Nids painted and it's a slog!).

    2. Wasn't meant as a criticism, was just saying that considering they weren't really displayed they must've been good to win!

  2. Wow - all the armies are very impressively painted, but those Tyranids are worthy. Best, Dean

  3. There were so many good armies this year! I'm just proud to see my Emperors Children make the photo report in 2 peoples blogs! That's my award right there! One thing I think might be nice for the painting contest in BW7 would be a "You can't enter the same army/ character more than twice" ruling. Post voting I began to realise that several armies had been there for several wars (in fact I think I voted for the same army as I did in BW3 or 5 without realising). Perhaps it just needs to be an "If you've won with that army it can't win again" rule as there were so many that could have won on another day. Those 'nids were just too stunning though!!

  4. Gorgeous Armies all round!

    I thought those purple, green and White nids were the best ones though. Its just a shame I can't vote for myself :P! Whilst all the other armies puts my army to shame, I love my army for what it is as its the only army I have ever been bothered to paint myself ^.^!

    But on a serious note, AWESOME Nids with an AWESOME Bastion!


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