Blog Wars 5 - Vengeance

Blog Wars 5: Vengeance
Saturday June 22nd 2013

There are still some tickets left! These can either be purchased using the link on the right or buy using the "Contact Me" link for multiples.

Event Location
North West Gaming Centre in Stockport. For those not sure where the venue is the address is:

North West Gaming Centre
Hallam Mill, Hallam Street,
SK2 6PT,
United Kingdom.

If anyone has questions about getting to the venue then don't hesitate to contact me and I'll help as best I can.

Event Schedule
Each game will be played at 1,850 points with 3 games in total. Games will be 2.5 hours each and the schedule will look like this:

09:00-09:30 - Registration 

09:45-12:15 - First Game
12:15-13:00 - Lunch
13:00-15:30 - Second Game
15:45-18:15 - Third Game
18:30-19:00 - Results & Awards

There will be awards for: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, Last place, Best Painted Army and Best Painted SC. These will take the form of store credit. The venue offers 25% off GW and will post items out for free to the winners. There will also be a series of spot prizes and a raffle. The prize breakdown is as follows:

1st Place: Certificate & £25 voucher Certificate & 
2nd Place: Certificate & £15 voucher
3rd Place: Certificate & £10 voucher
Last Place: Certificate, £5 voucher & Limited Edition Wooden Spoon
Best Painted Army: Certificate & £15 voucher
Best Painted Special Character: Certificate & £10 voucher

If there are 40 people in attendance this will mean £300 for the spot prize/raffle pot which combined with the 20% discount I buy the stuff for equates to £375 of additional prizes!!

As I would like to participate and given that it's intended to be a friendly tournament, there will be no formal referees. If you and your opponent cannot come to an agreement about a particular issue then please ask the players on adjacent tables. If no mutually acceptable resolution can be found then myself or Matt will be happy to provide a final adjudication but please bear in mind we're trying to enjoy the event as well.

As ever, please try and contact me in advance with queries so that rulings can be discussed before the event rather than on the day.

Army Selection
Each army can cost up to and including 1,850pts. Standard force organisation charts apply but each army MUST include a Special Character (not necessarily as an HQ though). Lists must be submitted at least two weeks before the event (June 8th) failure to do so will result in points penalty.

A "Special Character" is any unit that includes the word "unique" in its unit composition description. If you are unsure which units are included in your army then contact me for clarification. There are some exceptions to this rule as older codexes do not have this wording and only have a limited choice of SCs. 

Any current army with a codex that's been released prior to the list submission deadline will be allowed (including new Eldar) and all current GW FAQs will be applicable. 

The following codexes are permitted: 

Black Templars
Blood Angels 

Chaos Daemons
Chaos Space Marines
Dark Angels
Dark Eldar
Grey Knights
Imperial Guard
Sisters of Battle (WD version)
Space Marines
Space Wolves
Tau Empire

IA armies are permitted but lists must be pre-approved by me BEFORE buying a ticket. Single IA units in an otherwise codex army are now allowed but must be "40K approved". Please check with me if you are unsure.

"Counts as" and proxy armies are welcome as long as it is clear to your opponent and that there is no advantage to be gained from using it. For example, using a Space Marine dreadnought to represent an Ork deff dread would mean a smaller model and hence a gaming advantage. If in doubt please check with me BEFORE the event by email and include pictures if necessary.

Flyers, Fortifications and Allies are all permitted. All of which must be painted to a minimum of three colours and players must supply their own forts.

Note: it would be good idea to aim for fully painted armies and unpainted models are NOT acceptable (and may incur a penalty). Obviously there'll be the obligatory Best Painted awards! 

Scenery will be provided by the venue and will be made as even as possible prior to the event. If both sides are unhappy then come and find me and it can be re-arranged but try to avoid doing this in order to prevent delays starting the game.

Alternating scenery deployment (as described in the rulebook) will NOT be used to save setup time. Fortifications will therefore be placed after static scenery but can displace existing pieces to make room for larger pieces at both players discretion.

The pairings will be random for the first round and then chosen using "Swiss Pairs" in the subsequent two rounds. 

Scenarios & Scoring
The scenarios will be randomly generated but the deployment will be as follows:

Game 1 - Vanguard deployment
Game 2 - Hammer & Anvil deployment
Game 3 - Dawn of War deployment

Each round will be scored on absolute VPs with primary and secondary recorded. Whilst this means that Purge the Alien will be worth more points for some matchups this is something to think about when writing your army.

In objective missions your chosen special character is scoring whereas in Purge the Alien they're worth an extra VP if they're killed.

What do I need to bring? 
As with any tournament you'll need the normal things you use to play a game of 40K plus a few extras.

You will need: 

  • Your painted army (at least three colours)
  • 3 copies of your army list (preferably typed) with your name and entrant number (your entrant number is the same as the list above)
  • A copy of the BW5 Event Pack and Scenarios
  • 40K 6th edition rulebook (and FAQ)
  • Your army's codex (and FAQ)
  • Dice, templates and gaming aids
  • Super glue/plastic glue for emergency repairs
  • Objective markers (don't need to be anything fancy)
  • A tray for moving your army between games.
Please do your best to remember to take everything with you when you leave. I'll be staying around afterwards to clear up and I'll do my best to reunite people with lost items but suffice to say I don't want to clear up people's mess!

What do we get to eat/drink? 

The venue is providing lunch for us (included in your ticket) and has a bar selling drinks, chocolate, crisps, etc. We will have table service from the bar throughout the day so there's no need to move!!

Current Entrants List
Names of those who have purchased tickets will appear here after tickets have gone on sale.

1. Matt Calow (Ex Instinctu Imperator)
2. Graham Sanders (Claws & Fists/Rogue Trader)
4. Andy Lane (Claws & Fists
5. Daniel Russell (Unknown/No Blog) 
6. Adam Robinson (Unknown/No Blog) 
7. Frank Marsh (Generation 40K) 
8. Gary Hoptroff (Generation 40K) 
9. Robert McDougall (Generation 40K) 
10. Gareth Newton-Williams (GDMNW
11. John Holland (Blood Claw) 
12. Tom Brown (friend of John Holland) 
13. Hendrik Müller-Jos​wig (Unknown/No Blog) 
14. Robert Gorst (Unknown/No Blog) 
15. Ashley Nelson (Unknown/No Blog) 
16. Stephen Gorst (Unknown/No Blog) 
17. Matt Greenwood (friend of FtF) 
18. Jamie Jackson (Index Astartes & Codex Imperialis)
19. Andy Gosling (Iron Legion
20. James Lamb (Sheep of War)
21. Iain Anderson (Unknown/No Blog) 
26. Luke Fogg (Buckaroo Mathammer) 
27. Peter Barrett (Buckaroo Mathammer) 
28. Daniel Lane (Buckaroo Mathammer)
31. Keith Duncan (No Blog)
32. Ian King (Buckaroo Mathammer)
34. Nathaniel Gibbs (No Blog) 
35. Chris Benstead (Weemen)
37. Franco Marrufo (40KUK Podcast)
38. Ken Morley (Insane Heroism
40. Alex Brown (From The Fang) 


  1. Hey there, got a question:

    I'd like to attend, but my rule books / codices are all in german. Would that be an issue, i.e. would I have to get the english versions to attend?


    1. Shouldn't be a problem at all. The rules are the same.

    2. Thanks for the quick reply. Gotta finish painting my army now! ;-)

  2. Hey Alex, count me in, can I pay in about a week though? I might also have an accomplice this time too.

    1. Your name's down. No rush on the payment. Glad you can make it again.

  3. Thats me processed a payment Alex.


  4. Hey Hey

    First on the list, I would have thought someone else might have beaten me to the punch! Still, I'm looking forward to this being the only point at which I am the top of the ranking (if my previous tournament placings are anything to go by at least...)

    Just wanted to also say that whilst I don't have a blog of my own, I am responsible for KoptaBoss Spearsmasha ( I sometimes (read; hope to do more often) take photos during my games with him and post them on Facebook, with each Album being an individual battle report from the Deffkopta mounted warboss' point of view! As he most definitely is not a codex character (though nearly did get me a job in GW in the Games Development department) I won't be bringing him along to Blog Wars, but rest assured he'll be sending someone far more infamous along in his stead!

    Newho, check him out, add him as a friend and keep an eye out

    1. Scratch that! As of this week I have started my own blog;

      Ex instinctu Imperator, available at


  5. Bought a ticket last night. Looking forward to attending again :). Deciding now whether to bring my custodes again or give my space wolf army a try at a tournament.


  6. Put me down as a reserve for this please - Peter Sidaway

  7. Cheers for a great day Alex. My first Blog Wars, but deffinitely not my last. Next time I'm hoping for better than 24th place though...


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