Sunday, February 26, 2017

Gaming Garage(TM) Conversion - Part 5 - Done!

Well folks, I'm now completely moved in and everything is (pretty much) in its place. To start off here's my hobby/blogging space. I picked up a daylight LED lamp from Hobbycraft and having it right over head should mean decent lighting for all my future painting efforts. I've intentionally left my Imperial Knights out of the cabinet of models so that they're there to remind me I can produce something good when I put my mind to it. Of course, I've still got two to paint but that's another story. 

I also put up some racks for all of my paints. My Dad had the excellent suggestion of using electrical trunking to make the shelves and happily I found three 2m lengths of 38 mm trunking for £10 from Screwfix. Throw in a box of 200 screws for 40p and you can't really get much cheaper storage for 144 paints! 

Here's where I'm storing all my armies too. I actually thought I'd have more spare space than this but it's pretty cramped in there. Still, I could take the bag out of the bottom shelf and expand onto there if necessary or the SW shelf can be moved up a bit to squeeze an extra shelf in the bottom. They're all in there anyway and easily accessible for painting and gaming and aren't either fading or collecting tons of dust. I call that a win. 

Here's some shots of the table out for the first 40K action in the Garage. It saw a narrow victory for the forces of Tzeentch over the Space Wolves. I hope to see many more battles played in here. There's plenty of room around the table. The only think I haven't really sorted is there's no longer much space to have reserves lying around. The old static table had shelves running along each long edge which gave lots of space for this sort of thing. There's my desk of course but maybe a couple of collapsible small tables would be a good plan. I'll have a think.

There's still a lot of sorting of all my stuff to do with hopefully plenty of stuff to put on eBay to fund future projects. I've got a pile of sprues for Tau, Space Wolves and Orks that I bought thinking I might build them some day but don't really see the benefit in keeping hold of any more. If I haven't written an army list that needed them in the last however many years then I'm unlikely to suddenly do so. It'd be nice to have a bit of a cull of some of my collection too. Again, there's units I simply never use and a lot of them aren't painted so why keep them? 

You know what? I think this calls for my first ever 40K Addict Hobby Season To Done badge!
Well, that's that then. Hopefully I can now focus on getting some stuff painted. Not enjoying looking across that board and seeing some unpainted scenery....


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