Monday, July 11, 2016

Fluffageddon Tickets Now Available!

Those who attended Blog Wars X and Double Trouble will know that I'm only running one event this year. There's a chance I'll go back to two next year but to fill the void, Matt is going to be running his first event, Fluffageddon which should hopefully have a similar atmosphere to my events. Here's Matt to tell you a little more and how you can buy tickets:

Hi everyone, Matt here. This is a small post just to let you all know that tickets and rules pack for Fluffageddon are live.
Fluffageddon is a Warhammer 40k tournament that I will be running on Saturday the 12th of November at The Outpost wargaming centre in Sheffield.
In summary Fuffageddon is 3 different games of 40k at 1,500pts in a competitive setting with certain restrictions to army lists and some slight modifications to rules.
The link to the tickets and rules pack is here:
Tickets are £17.50 each and include lunch.
Please direct any questions to
Hope to see some of you there in November.

Please give Matt the same support you've given me over the years. I'll be getting my ticket soon and look forward to playing at a similar event to Blog Wars without actually running it! As with Hero For A Day, I'll be posting some army lists and painting progress when I get around to it. I'm thinking my Space Wolves need a bit of love for this one.


  1. Woohoo! I'll double check dates and get my payment over asap

  2. Hey Matt,

    Couple of questions regarding list building:
    - armies have to be battle forged. Does this mean no formations allowed? Could be that I'm just lacking the term, difference in german vs english rules... :-/
    - How are Fighter wings treated? Are they allowed? If so, do they count as one selection or does the actual number of flyers you take count? I.e. is a Stormtalon Gunship Wing containing two flyers a duplicate selection?
    - Same for vehicle squadrons and monstrous creatures squadrons. Do they count as one selection or does every vehicle / creature in the squad count?
    - How are the same units treated from different sources? I.e. are a Valkyrie each from the Militarum Tempestus and the Astra Militarum a duplicate?

    Thanks in advance and I hope I get my boss to give me a day off, so I can make it. :-)


    1. Hi Hendrik

      By battle forged I just mean not unbound, so yeah any detachment is fine, including formations, so long as they don't break any other restrictions.

      Every formation is a detachment, but not every detachment is a formation!

      All squadrons count as just one unit, so you could have 2 squadrons of 3 Leman Russ for example, and that would be one duplication. Duplications within a formation still count as duplications though.

      Hope that is clear enough


  3. Ticket bought Matt, and I think I may have persuaded Graham Sanders to come along as well. May have to practice a bit, don't think I have played 40k this year, to busy playing X Wing.

    See you November.


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