Friday, September 21, 2012

Painting the Dark Vengeance Models

As you should all know from looking at my attempts to paint various things over the years, I'm not an expert painter. Therefore I'm not going to write a guide. However, my good friend Jamie is a far better painter than I am and he's written a series of guides to painting the Dark Angels from the boxed set that I thought I'd share with you.

Part 1 - Painting the Tactical Marines
Here Jamie goes through the basics of painting the standard dark green DA power armour. He also gives some tips on painting the power cores of plasma weapons. I'm always a big fan of Jamie's models but I don't think the photography quite does them justice at the moment.

Part 2 - Painting the Ravenwing
This post covers the Ravenwing sergeant. Not only does this demonstrate the technique for painting the bikes but also the cream coloured cloaks and the sergeant's face. These techniques can be applied to the other models in the box such as the tactical marine sergeant.

Part 3 - Painting the Deathwing
Finally Jamie goes on to paint the Deathwing sergeant. Here he shows us how to paint the bone coloured armour of the terminators as well as the green cloaks that go with them. He also demonstrates how to paint the power weapon.

I've probably not sold these to you guys very well but it's definitely worth taking a look. At the moment I'm busy painting up Dark Eldar (more to come about that) so my DV models will have to take a back seat as I try to get the DE ready for Blog Wars 4.

We're off to Games Day on Sunday and I have to say I'm pretty excited having seen some of the images coming out of this month's white dwarf. I'll write a little about all that tomorrow and then next week there'll be a full report from the event with tons of pictures.

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