Monday, September 10, 2012

40K Doubles Sept 2012 - Aftermath

Matt and I once again teamed up under the name of "Titanic Fenrisians" and headed to Warhammer World in Nottingham for the 40K doubles tournament. According to the organisers this will be the last 40K doubles in this format. They were pretty cryptic about it but hopefully there will be some sort of doubles event run by GW next year.

Anyway, you may recall that we also attended the doubles in June this year and suffice to say we weren't particularly happy with the scoring system. The other problem we had was that because we performed well we ended up on table 2 for our final game and played the most miserable game of 40K I've ever participated in even though we won it! Basically, our every move was questioned, measurements had to be rechecked, rules were argued over. It just wasn't any fun. However, we had only ourselves to blame as we took the most disgusting list we could think of that had a sickening number of S8 shots that not much could stand up to. 

This time around we were determined to do things differently. I'd persuaded Matt that we should take something that was fun to play first and competitive second. We tried out various combinations such as Tau and Orks, SW and IG, Tau and GK and even GK and DE! However, the night before the tournament, when we'd decided to go with SW/IG, Matt called me and said he really wanted to take two dreadknights. I was fine with this as they're certainly fun to use and with my thunderwolves they'd be pretty scary for any army to deal with! Here's what we ended up with:

Titanic Fenrisians - 2x 750pts
Rune Priest (JotWW, LL)
8 Grey Hunters (Melta, MotW, Standard) - Rhino
10 Grey Hunters (Flamer, Plasma, MotW, Standard) - Drop Pod
4 Thunderwolf Cavalry (Storm Shield, PF)

5 Purifiers (2 Psycannon, 1 Halberd, 1 KotF Halberd)
3 x 4 Warrior Acolytes 
2 Nemesis Dreadknights (Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator)

The idea was that Matt had taken really cheap troops so that he could squeeze in the two dreadknights. In contrast to our list from June we had next to no high strength ranged shooting. In fact the only things we had were the two psycannons in the purifier unit (on foot) and living lightning from the rune priest. If we wanted to take down vehicles we'd need to do it in combat and frankly we'd got no chance of taking out flyers!!

Our hope was that this list would be pretty hit and miss. We'd have some games where we trounced our opponents still because some armies just can't deal with dreadknights/TWC but we'd also have games where we couldn't deal with a lot of flyers or couldn't bring down heavy mech lists. Essentially the point was that we'd end up in the mid-tables for most of the tournament and therefore play mostly friendly people not total dicks!

Now, I'm not saying we went into games with the intention of losing. Far from it in fact. We would be playing every game to the utmost of our ability but we anticipated that there'd be some games we simply couldn't win thus preventing us reaching table 2 for game 5 again and having a miserable end to the weekend.

Games Workshop again decided to employ their nonsense secret secondary missions system but we couldn't do many of them so were largely just ignoring them. They were also doing the Favourite Game votes again but with a more interesting list than last time and a less competitive attitude we hoped we might get at least a couple.

That's all I want to say for now so you'll have to check back later in the week for the battle reports to see how we got on. Incidentally, we don't actually know where we finished because we had to leave early and GW haven't put up the results yet. Therefore, if anyone is reading this who went to the tournament this weekend could you get in touch with me via the link on the right and let us know where we came. Hopefully GW will publish the results soon though.

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  1. I also attended the doubles just gone and still had a great time like all the others. GW didn't tell people there rankings they just hand a print out  with the ticket numbers on and what you scored for each game, favourite game votes and your total. This pissed us off as we scored the same amount of total points as the teams who came second and third but we had won more games than them yet we didn't get placed. The only way I could see how they got placed higher is by the ticket numbers


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