Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He Must Be Stopped!!

See what I did there?
As most of you who are coming to Blog Wars 3 will know. The first two tournaments were won by none other than Venerable Brother from the  Sons of Sanguinius blog (also known as Andy). Now I put this down to 3 things (in descending order of importance):
  1. He brings competitive tournament lists to a tournament with a lot of fluffy lists (shame on him!)
  2. He gets drawn against the right lists for his army (jammy get!)
  3. He's not that bad a player actually (that's as generous as I'm willing to get Andy!)
Joking aside, it's very difficult to organise a 40K tournament to be purely friendly. Short of severely restricting army selection to the point where no-one will show up, you can't really make everyone bring something fluffy. Not to mention it's a tournament after all so therefore there are prizes and hence there has to be some competition. What you tend to find is that after round one the big boys go off and play on the top tables and look all serious whilst the rest of us enjoy ourselves in relaxed games at the bottom end. The problem is that first game where some poor bastard (i.e. yours truly) finds himself up against a list he hasn't a hope in hell of dealing with his "fun" list.

So with half of the field bringing something a little different that they wouldn't dare show up at other tournaments with that's already an easy ride for some of the top players. This wouldn't be a problem but for the fact that we can't let the bastard win again (as Atreides from SoS so ably put it). Funnily enough, Andy shares this viewpoint and as such he's published an article on how to beat his Necron list. Now frankly my army relies heavily on a few lucky rolls so I can't hope to think much about actual tactics but for the rest of you it wouldn't hurt to go have a read of his article so that we can give him something to think about at least!

Now I know what you're thinking (and to a small extent so am I), "who does this guy think he is? He's not only convinced he's going to win again but now he's got the stones to tell us how to beat him to make it more of a challenge!". Andy, of course, protests this but as I say, head over to Sons and read for yourselves. For those of you who read this blog and aren't going to Blog Wars 3 it's still a decent article on how to beat those pesky Necrons.

After Matt gave up using Necrons and sold them all off I've actually been thinking about getting some. Not only are they pretty cheap to buy but also they don't exactly take much painting to get them to table-top standard. Not to mention they've got some really nice models. It's just a shame I didn't think to offer to buy Matt's from him! Mind you, my current plan is to wait and see what 6th edition brings before I invest in many more models.


  1. I might take a print-out of his article in case I get stuck against him - some handy hints on teh fly might be helpful.

    I got paired up against him in round 1 of BW1 (my first ever tournament BTW...). I got tabled by turn 3 :(

  2. Sorry dude..but that was never going to end well..DE vs Nids. Apologies, but if i remember we cuddled for a while after right. Think that falls into point 2 on Alexs list...

  3. Oh, and I've always had the stones, lol.

  4. It's ok - I've had a year or two's practice since then so shall no doubt end up seeing you on the top table...lol - I couldn't even take that seriously as I was writing it.

  5. Alex:

    Having seen all the lists do you think there is anyone who could beat Ven on paper?

    Also who's on the short list for the best themed army's?

    If there is on potential criticism I have of Blog Wars (yes really!) it's that £50 is a bit much for first place (not even the UKGT has any kind of monetary prize, and it was a main bone of contention for multiple 'ard boyz events in the states). As I think that could promote someone just bringing a top grade list and just walking away with the £50 in vouchers and not caring for the spirit of the event. I think spot prizes every round is the best way to go or beefing up the prizes for painting/theme/character etc.

    Either way its a fun event and I myself have gone from the douche baggery of 3x Long Fangs last year and I've gone for character this year.

    Here's to a fun event!

    Catachans - the only real men who will be there :P

  6. @mctictac yes its quite possible that several lists could best him. It's also possible that one of those ppl could win without playing Ven.

    The shortlist is in my head. Winner will be announced on the day and runners up will get a mention in the tourney rundown on here.

    Whilst I see your point re: the 50 quid prize I'm quite happy to other more than the big tournaments. More fool the ppl who go to them. As I said from the outset I hate going to a tournament and not knowing where my entry fee went.

    If we had more ppl coming I'd have more cash for spot prizes. If anything the army theme prize is too generous (technically worth as much as 1st place) but it serves the purpose of encouraging ppl to embrace the spirit.

    I'm pretty proud of what the first two blog wars achieved - a competitive tournament with a friendly atmosphere. In spite of the nay sayers who said you can't have both.



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