Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blog Wars 3 - An Appeal (again!)

It's seems to be becoming a tradition that in the week leading up to Blog Wars I find myself in the position of having an odd number of competitors. At Blog Wars 1 I didn't find out until the day itself and a hasty text to Darren (TheBaron at C&F) lead to him throwing together an ork list and showing up just in time. Blog Wars 2 and no-one dropped out but with a week to go I was still looking at an odd number of players and the prospect of not playing. It seems Blog Wars 3 will be no exception. Unfortunately one of the competitors has had to pull out which means at this point I won't be playing. No hard feelings to the guy who's pulled out, these things happen, but I've been frantically painting up my Dark Eldar to get 3 colours on in time for Saturday, I'm putting the finishing touches on them as we speak. If the situation stays as it is I'll have wasted my time.

So to cut to the chase, if you would like to come along at the last minute (or know someone who might) then please get in touch with me using the link on the right ASAP. It'd really help me out and mean that the rushed painting wasn't for nothing. I know it's short notice and people can't necessarily arrange things this quickly but if you can please let me know.

Don't get me wrong I've known at each event so far that there's the possibility of me not playing right up until the day but I'd really like to join in with what should be an awesome event. Keep your eyes on the blog for more build up to the tournament including the final confirmation of prizes, an update on my army painting progress and a run-down of the special characters that will be appearing. Whether I'm playing or not I'll see you all on Saturday!


  1. I stuck this on twitter & to my mates on Facebook fingers x'd mate!

  2. What are the points?
    What time does it start and finish?
    Do you mind me using Grey Knights (not draigowing or purifier spam)
    Can anyone do a lift from notts city centre or sherwood highstreet?

    If all these questions can be answered I might be interested

  3. Sent you a e-mail.

    Got a friend who can make it if the space is still free!

  4. Ive included it in my Blog Wars Post alex! hopefully all will be well.

  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm in the process of getting back to you all. The situation had sorted itself out because someone else dropped out but now a third person has so I'm back to needing someone. I'd had a few offers so I'm going to do it on first come first served. I'll let those who've contacted me know whats happening though.

    I just hope no-one else drops out now!!



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