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GW FAQ Updates Summary and 100+ Followers

So GW finally updated their FAQs again. I have to say they seem to be doing these a lot more regularly than they used to. It's been commented on that both Tau and BT didn't get an update adding fuel to the rumours that they're both getting a shiny new codex soon. For the most part there isn't anything earth-shattering. The Necron one essentially just goes through what we already thought and makes it official! Anyway, for your convenience I present this guide to what's new! Sorry for the awful formatting but there's a lot to fit in and I didn't want to make it a massive post!

Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook
When rolling for something that is determined by a particular value on the dice you only apply it after any re-rolls. For example, plasma getting hot. Rewording on the multiple grenades thing, basically a unit can still get the benefit of them all except against a vehicle. Only part of the hole in the blast template has to be over the hull (seems obvious to me but meh).

Trying to move a vehicle that starts in difficult terrain and immobilising it still counts as moving the vehicle. Sort of makes sense but seems a little harsh. If a vehicle moves at cruising speed and is then immobilised it automatically get's hit in combat - well duh! Only shooting things can draw line of sight out of vehicle hatches. I can't off the top of my head think of a situation where this applies but I'm sure someone can.

Counter Attackers can't also use Furious Charge etc. We already knew this from the SW FAQ as it applies to Ragnar so nothing new really.

Nothing major here then! Just a few clarifications on things we were all probably doing right anyway.

Codex: Blood Angels
Combat squads can deep strike and infiltrate in different locations. Surely everyone did this? Vanguards can't use their heroic intervention from a Stormraven. Seems a bit daft as I can't see a reason why they wouldn't be able to assault when dropping from an assault vehicle. Blood Lance doesn't need to roll to hit! Sanguinary Novitiates in Honour Guard can't take any of the other upgrades. Again seems a bit obvious but worth clarifying.

Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Thousands Sons without a sorcerer can't move if their difficult terrain move is slowed by a rule that reduces the number of dice rolled. Chaos Dreadnoughts can only do a Fire Frenzy on stuff in their front 45 degree arc. Abaddon's sword is a power weapon and will rebel on a roll of 1. Units containing Kharn can't be moved by psychic powers like Lash which move models since he isn't affected. Fabius Bile can only upgrade CSM in the form of the Troops FOC choice, i.e. not bikers etc. Typhus' weapon is a daemon weapon in all respects.

Summoned Greater Daemons can always deploy - you just make room for them now and also if the model they replace went to ground they aren't affected when they come in. Only full units of oblits/termies benefit from an icon when deep striking. Lash has to roll to hit like any other psychic shooting attack but units can be lashed several times in a turn now. A unit containing a model with lash won't be able to lash them first and then shoot as everything happens at once (should be obvious I'd have thought). Nurgle's Rot doesn't roll to hit and doesn't limit what the rest of the unit can shoot or assault. Warptime means you have to re-roll all the dice or none of the dice! I suppose that's how it's worded in the codex but it won't make Chaos players happy!

Codex: Dark Angels
Same thing about combat squads being able to infiltrate and deep strike in different locations. Mind Worm must roll to hit.

Codex: Dark Eldar
Dodge isn't allowed for explosions caused by close combat. Seems pretty obvious to me but clearly some people have been trying it on. Not gonna make Haywire Grenades much fun then!! Djin blade only gives two bonus attacks if it's the weapon used i.e. not the one in the other hand but it does give the bonus for two close combat weapons in addition to it's bonus 2 attacks. Seems fair really.

Flickerfield saves can't be made against dangerous terrain. We had a debate about this not long ago but decided the same because it doesn't cause a glancing or penetrating hit.

Codex: Eldar
Defend is clarified a bit so that it just reduces the attacks by one for the entire combat rather than making it successively smaller like some people thought. Runes of Warding and Witnessing have been clarified to "roll an extra D6" instead of "roll 3D6". This is presumably meant to make the rule interact in a new way with Shadow in the Warp! A farseer and unit of warlocks count as two separate units but only occupy one HQ slot.

Fortune doesn't allow you to re-roll the Ghosthelm save. Eldritch Storm does scatter which has always been a debate I've had with Matt and sadly he's right! Mind War doesn't need a to hit roll which I think contradicts what they said a few months back when they called it a shooting attack but I could be wrong. Dire Avenger Exarchs get 5 shots when using Bladestorm with twin catapults. Again pretty obvious to me. Chainsabres and powerblades give one bonus attack but can't claim the other for being "two close combat weapons". Scorpion's Claw is S6 not S8 like I've always played it. Makes sense I suppose as it's the sword that makes you +1S.

Codex: Grey Knights

Same thing about combat squads being able to infiltrate and deep strike in different locations. A Summoned squad won't scatter if they're within 6" of a Mystic when the deep strike. Turbo Penetrator rounds can rend multiple times and add D3 each time they do. Force Halberds give you +2 even when the initiative of the model is reduced to I1 (e.g. by a lash whip). Total flip-flop by GW on this one and although it makes sense as the rule is written it seems retarded to me.

Codex: Imperial Guard
Slight clarification on Dozer Blades that means they always re-roll failed dangerous terrain tests. Surely that was obvious? You can circumvent Infantry Platoons being deployed on a single reserve roll by sticking them in non-dedicated transports e.g. Valkyries & Vendettas. Company Command Squad is only worth a single KP which I think is obvious. Techpriest Enginseers can only ever attempt to repair one vehicle per turn but it can be the one they're embarked upon.

Penal Custodians benefit from Desperadoes but any ICs don't. Weaken Resolve can target units in combat - think of the implications of this, assuming guard ever win a combat! Manticores that suffer Weapon Destroyed lose all their storm eagle rockets. Ministorum Priests or Techpriest Enginseers can be the mandatory HQ choice.

Codex: Necrons
Completely new FAQ so a little too much to go through in detail. Here's a few highlights though. No more chaining scarab bases across the board with spyders but you can add them to units in combat! Well not as easily anyway. Vehicles don't get cover saves from Sweep Attacks. Trazyn can take a host after he fails his Reanimation Protocols roll. Entropic Strike reduces the vehicles armour before the scarabs hit it in combat. That's the way most people played it anyway.

Writhing Worldscape is more awesome as it affects even people who just "count as" moving through difficult terrain. We're going to see more C'Tan I think! Death ray is clarified to what you'd expect. Sweep Attacks aren't close combat attacks which is interesting. Be nice if Bladevanes were clarified on my reavers! Imotekh doesn't have to keep Night Fighting going if he doesn't want to i.e. he can in effect automatically fail the roll if he wants. You can't make a vehicle fire at itself with Anrakyr. Single models can attack themselves thanks to mindshackle scarabs though. Cover saves prevent a vehicle losing it's Quantum Shielding.

You can attach one model from each royal court to a unit which is the one everyone was waiting for!

Codex: Orks
Nothing exciting apart from Snikrot can't use his "Ambush" when inside a vehicle.

Codex: Space Marines
Same thing about combat squads being able to infiltrate and deep strike in different locations. Otherwise nothing new.

Codex: Space Wolves
Thunderclap doesn't scatter but more importantly:

Q: Do you need to roll To Hit with Jaws of the World
Wolf? (p37)
A: No. 

That's fricking awesome for all of us SW players and shit for the rest of you! I feel for all your Tyranid players, I really do!

Codex: Tyranids
Same clarifcation about "an extra D6" not "3D6" for Shadow in the Warp so it presumably interacts differently with Eldar runes now! Shadow in the Warp also now affects psykers who are in vehicles! Only seems fair when all other psychic defence affects them. Hive Tyrands and their Tyrant Guard only give one killpoint for the whole unit. Lictors must be in coherency when they arrive from reserve which seems obvious. Venomthrope's spore cloud doesn't cause units to be "assaulting through terrain" but all non-vehicle units must take dangerous terrain test. Impaler cannon only allows cover saves from terrain you're actually in. You can't deploy within an inch of spore mine clusters. Characters that join spawned termagaunts benefit and are affected by the Brood Progenitor rule. Lash whips just got nerfed to fuck as they apply before other modifiers like Furious Charge or Banshee Masks. Seems harsh to give Tyranid players another problem.

As ever, GW seems to address some minor rules that people were playing right in the first place and ignores some of the bigger problems that need clarification. Necron FAQ is pretty decent though.

The warptime thing is going to make people cry. Stuff being reduced to I1 and still applying their bonuses is stupid in my opinion but what can you do? SITW vs. Runes will be interesting now! Jaws not having to roll to hit makes a lot of sense but I can see a lot of tears at tournaments when you point it out to an opponent!

100+ Followers!
Finally, I've just noticed that I'm now past the 100 followers mark! I'm pretty amazed by this since I genuinely didn't expect anyone to take an interest in my ramblings! I don't think it's bad work getting 100+ followers in 16 months when I'm doing this all solo!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who reads this blog whether you officially "follow" me or not. It's nice to know that people are enjoying what I put up. If you're not enjoying it then please feel free to tell me and I'll see what needs to change! If not I'll just keep on blindly posting what I like in the hopes that someone else out there gets something from it! Roll on 200!


  1. 'I can't off the top of my head think of a situation where this applies but I'm sure someone can.'

    Yep: Njal gets it in the teeth because his Lord of Tempest table can no longer be used when he's inside a Rhino.

    1. Unless I've missed something it doesn't say anything about needing to draw line of sight to units to be affected by Lord of Tempests.

  2. Oh I can deploy 2 whole platoons in Dawn of War?
    Yes I will put nearly/over 100 IG and potentially 12 Chimeras down thanks.

    As for Lord of Tempests some of it's effects use Line of sight, some don't.



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