Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Wars 3 Tickets Now Available!

I announced a little while ago that there'd be a third Blog Wars tournament in June with the imaginative title of Blog Wars 3 and a suspiciously similar logo to the previous tournaments. The tournament details can be found here. I'll be providing the event pack and scenarios as a pdf soon.

As I've already mentioned the compulsory special character rule is staying. The custom scenarios will be staying too but with some minor tweaks to hopefully make them a bit better. Nothing too drastic but I learnt a few lessons after BW2 and there's some ideas from other tournaments that I'd like to implement this time around. I'm considering increasing the points limit to 1,850 which isn't massively different but should make it a bit easier to shoe-horn in a special character (or two!). Not really decided on that yet since I've never really played games at 1,850pts. Since the games are already 2.5 hours long it shouldn't affect things though.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that although the tournament is called Blog Wars, and the idea is that most of the competitors are bloggers or friends of bloggers, I'm still happy for anyone else to attend that wants to. In short, I won't be turning anyone away because they don't have their own blog. The main thing for me is that it remains a friendly tournament focussed around special characters. That should be the difference between this and other tournaments rather than limiting the people who can come.

Tickets will be £15 again with a similar prize breakdown. Again, depending on how popular it is there'll be additional prizes for other things. Unlike the last couple of times I'm not going to set up a PayPal button to click to buy tickets since they charge me about 70p a transaction for that! Instead please send money to and specify the names of the people you're buying for.

Any questions about anything to do with the tournament including what counts as a special character, travel directions, special dietary requirements, etc. please feel free to contact me using the link on the right.


  1. 2 days before my wedding, can I get away with it?

    1. Blog wars > stag do > wedding

      Yep, perfectly possible

  2. sign me up Scotty! probably IG as usual, but you never know, i might have some Grey Knights ready :)

  3. I should be there, day before my birthday + Simo's wedding = epic drinkage!

  4. Sign me up, It IS my birthday. Templars again for me

  5. Count me in too, mate. Still hoping to have my Squat Guard ready for the tournament!

    Will buy my ticket on Monday, once I'm back from the Caledonian Uprising.


  6. Ticket bought, mate. See you in June with the Squat Guard!


  7. I'm in! ticket bought- the Weeman team will be there in full force! I'll either be smurfs (SM) or risk it with a daemon force...

  8. Glad to hear all the Weemen are coming. Blog Wars has never had a Daemon army so I think now's the time!

  9. Looking forward to it, I am toying with a mono-khorne list- not sure how it'll go- but i'm sure it'll be fun either way!



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