Saturday, June 04, 2011

Blog Wars Army Gallery

It's less than 24 hours to Blog Wars now and I've completely finished my army (at least to a standard I'm happy with). I decided to that since I've barely put any pictures of my army up on here before that I'd go a bit mad with this and put a load up so apologies for the number of pics. As ever click for a bigger pic. Oh and before I start I've added one more thing to the what to bring bit of the BW page. Namely, TRAYS people, TRAYS. Makes a big difference to have something to move your army around on!

So here it is my Blog Wars army (you can find the list on an earlier post):
Here's a few close up of all the individual units. Firstly the Long Fangs:

Now the two standard grey hunter squads:

The grey hunter packs' rhinos display the symbol that corresponds to the shoulder pad design on some of the squad members. One being the wolf's head and the other being the claw. Both symbols were painted freehand and I'm pretty pleased with them. The join down the middle of the rhino hatch gives a good marker to keep symmetry:
The land speeder has proven itself time and time again so I'm hoping for a good showing from it tomorrow:
The lone wolves took a bit of converting since GW don't make any right handed storm shields that I could find anyway. The conversion was fairly simple. On one I carefully carved out the original fist and greenstuff/glued it onto an arm which had had the storm bolter removed. The second I simply green stuffed the shield onto one of the arms intended for a frost blade:
The wolf guard with combi-melta and power fist all have a different attempt at a combi-melta conversion. One simply has a melta barrel glued onto a storm bolter (not so keen on that one), the other has the bottom carved off the meltagun and replaced with a piece from a bolter (my favourite) and the last one has parts from an old bolt pistol glued into place on top of the meltagun:
Finally, last but not least, Ragnar and his bodyguard. A completely tooled up grey hunter pack with wolf guard riding into battle in a land raider redeemer:
I'm pretty pleased with how Ragnar turned out. As I've said before I'd love to do a proper conversion but I lack the tools, skill and time!

Well that's it then, this is the last post before Blog Wars (assuming I haven't forgotten to mention something vital). Can't wait to see you all there and I hope that my army makes a good showing of itself. See you tomorrow!


  1. A great looking, cohesive force bro, be more than happy to face of tomorrow..

    Catch you then,

  2. Looooooking good!

    Nice effort dude... let alone the effort you've put in to actually organising this...

    Thanks again!

  3. Looking really good the freehand wolf face puts my freehand to shame.
    Should be a good day tomorrow look forward to putting faces to the blogs.

  4. Very sorry I couldn't be there. Please pass on my good wishes to everyone: all the best for tomorrow!

    - Drax.

  5. Look's great mate. Best of luck to everyone that is taking part, and I hope I can make the next one.

  6. Was good to see them in person, shame the quality of your rolling didnt match the army :)


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