Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blog Wars 8 - Painting Competition (pic heavy)

Before going any further it's worth saying that the standard of painting at this event was higher than at any previous that I can remember. There were plenty of armies on the display tables and I know of at least a couple that weren't presented (Chris Benstead's Iron Warriors for example). This may have been the reason that of the 25 players (I don't vote), 24 of them cast their vote. It's a shame we didn't quite get 100% voting but the guy who didn't vote was made to feel guilty enough! 

Best Painted Army
The vote for best army is usually a close run thing but this time around the winner took a whopping 58% of the votes with his nearest rival getting just over half the votes he did. The notable runners up with both Space Wolf armies from Martin Waine and Nathaniel Gibbs and the former was probably one of my favourites. Nothing particularly original but well executed, clean and with some nice touches.

In second place was Dave Weston (who's won in previous painting competitions) with his stunning Tyranid army:

The overall winner with that whopping share of the votes was Liam Ainscough who added Best Army to his Wooden Spoon and raffle prize! Please note the Tantalus wasn't strictly part of his army but I'd allowed him to display it. 

Here's a few shots of the best of the rest:

Best Painted Special Character
Once again the winner of this took a huge share of the votes but there were several different characters that got a single vote each. Here's a quick run through of the runners up (sadly I failed to get a shot of Dave Weston's Deathleaper - apologies):

Once again Liam Ainscough took the win with his Urien Rakarth:

You can see more of Liam's worth on his new blog over at: Thanks again to everyone who put so much effort into their armies, sorry to those I've missed out here. A big thanks to (nearly) everyone for voting too and showing that we appreciate the other side of the hobby. 

Next time around I'm considering a category for best conversion and best theme too.


  1. Such lovely painted armies! Thanks for the photos!

  2. Yeah I'm really impressed by the high standard of painting here!

    1. It really was a very high standard this time. Not saying it isn't normally but it struck me this time how many nice armies there were.

  3. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and I'm humbled by receiving 58% of the votes, the standard was very high and to be honest I was a little shocked to win. Martin''s Space Wolf army was gorgeous and a complete bugger to play against - I was taking Grotesques off by the handfull. And as for Dave's nids they are such a massive spectacle it's hard to think why he didn't get more votes, my only opinion is that they had been seen before - if only he had put his Skyshield landing pad out I think it would of been a close call. A big thanks must go to Alex for taking the time to post these images and for a great event :)

    1. It's not that hard to work out, you just look at your army and you have the answer ;)

    2. As a fellow Dark Eldar fan, I'm inspired by your army. I'll definitely be following your blog. Keep up the fantastic work!

  4. ive gotta be hon-rest it was a really tough choice this time around. i think i voted for dante as SC, and the "darker" SW army, but it was a really tough call. kudos to all - i think maybe i need to spend the next 6 months finishing up what ive already got to stand a chance of competing!

  5. All of these armies look incredible, and you did a great job photographing them. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Inspiring just doesn't quite go far enough!

    I'm planning on attending the next tournament, and am going to be blogging on my progress over at The Burning Eye over the next 6 months - can I paint an entire 1850pts in that time? We'll see...

    Awesome stuff, I'm really looking forward to being a part of the next one!


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