Friday, March 23, 2012

The Double Dread Weekender

So the missus is away for the weekend seeing some friends so that to me spells a weekend of gaming! I've roped in Matt, Jamie and Dave for this weekender and here's the plan. Saturday we head down to Warhammer World in Nottingham for some 40K doubles then Sunday they all pitch up at my house for some Dreadfleet.

Sunday is pretty self-explanatory. Matt got Dreadfleet for Christmas and we've had a couple of games of it. Really enjoying it so far so pretty pleased that we're getting some more time to play it.

Matt and I will be attending the GW Doubles in June so we thought we should get some ideas for what armies to take. Matt has BA, GK and Orks at his disposal (he sold his Necrons) and I've got my SW, Tau and DE. We've already got some great ideas for combinations but we figured we'd try out a few different things and see what works well.

Therefore tomorrow at Warhammer World the 4 of us are all bringing 2-3 different 875pt armies each and playing through some of the GW doubles scenarios. I'm going to bring a force from each of my armies. Dave will bring two BA lists (he's only just started 40K after all), not sure what Jamie has planned but I know Matt's thinking Orks. At the start of each game we'll roll to see who plays with who and randomly determine which armies we'll be using. Incidentally, if any of the armies are Battle Brothers (as described by the GW doubles tournament pack) they'll get the bonuses. Likewise if any are an unholy alliance we'll apply the handicap. This should help us figure out how much difference the bonus/handicap makes and help us decide what we'll ultimately take.

Here are my three offerings:

875pts of Space Wolves
Thunderlord w/ Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Runic Armour, Fenrisian Wolf and Saga of the Bear

10 Grey Hunters (Standard, Melta, MotW, Flamer, Power Fist) - Rhino
10 Grey Hunters (Standard, Melta, MotW, Plasma gun, Power Fist) - Rhino

6 Long Fangs (5 Missile Launchers)

Hardly original but not as cookie cutter as it could be. The thunderlord is a massive points sink but could really prove his worth. It'll be interesting to see how the grey hunters fare without the usual wolf guard and with the extra special weapon.

874pts of Dark Eldar
Haemonculus w/ Shattershard

4 Kabalite Trueborn (4x Blasters) - Venom (2x cannons)

4 Wracks - Venom (2x cannons)
9 Wyches (Haywires, Hekatrix w/ Agoniser) - Raider (FF)
9 Wyches (Haywires, Hekatrix w/ Agoniser) - Raider (FF)

Ravager (FF)

Haemonculus goes with the Wracks giving them FNP and Furious Charge. This means their poisoned (4+) weapons can re-roll to wound. Never tried out a Shattershard so thought I'd give it a go. Wyches and Ravager are pretty obvious as are the Trueborn. There was the temptation to make it a bit more spammy but there are some missions that are KP I think. The problem for these guys is they'll get a penalty if they're with anything but Eldar or more Dark Eldar!

875pts of Tau
Commander Shas'el w/ T-L Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster, Bonding Knife, Target Lock
XV8 bodyguard w/ T-L Missile Pod, Targetting Array, 2x Gun Drones

XV8 Crisis Team w/ T-L Missile Pod & Flamer

9 Fire Warriors - Devilfish (DP)

2 Broadsides w/ Targetting Array, Team Leader (Target Lock & Shield Drone)
2 Broadsides w/ Targetting Array, Team Leader (Target Lock & Shield Drone)

This is basically fire support for the other half of the army (whatever that ends up being). Focus on getting rid of vehicles (as the Tau do best) and then let your allies mop up the troops. The fire warriors sit on a home objective and let shots ping off the disruption pod and AV12.

These lists aren't necessarily the kind of thing I'll take because a lot depends on what Matt brings. Since it's one FOC per army there might have to be some comprimises on both sides. All three of these lists lend themselves well to an alliance with the possible exception of the 2 HS slots taken in the Tau list. Otherwise I've left plenty of room for my team mate to field what he likes.

The Tau list will excel if it's got some good support from the other half of the army. The Dark Eldar army is pretty limited when it comes to ranged anti-tank but should make a mess of infantry. The wolves list is a bit more of an all-rounder (as you'd expect) but I wonder if the lack of a Rune Priest (and hence psychic defense) will be costly.

I'll try and report on things tomorrow night but I'll probably be knackered! Can't wait!

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  1. sounds like an awesome weekend!

    good to hear that your making the june/july 40k doubles. myself and sam will be there again.

    the tau list sounds horrible tbh (in a good way). i would not want to face it at all.


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