Monday, September 27, 2010

2000pt All-Comers Army List

For the last year or so since I got back into 40K I've mostly played games against my friend Matt (who as I've mentioned before plays BA, Orks, Guard and DH). Scott (my housemate) also plays 40K but spends a lot more time painting than playing at the moment. He has a beautifully painted Chaos army and the beginnings of a Tyranids force, that we've mentioned already, which is stunning so far.

Therefore up until now it's been pretty predictable which enemy I'll be facing and I've planned my lists as such. However, now that we're in a position where both Matt and I have several armies to choose from we've decided to vary it a bit more. The other thing is that we rarely play anything other than Annihilation on a Pitched Battle deployment. So from now on we'll have to plan armies without knowing what we're facing and using the full range of deployments and missions in the 40K rulebook (along with the odd Battle Mission/Planetstrike game).

I decided, therefore, to put together a Wolves list that will hopefully do well against any army I'm likely to face. I'm aware that this isn't anything new and that tournament players do this all the time but for us it's different and given our "no stats armies" policy the list won't be quite as you'd expect. 

2000pts of Space Wolves
Logan Grimnar
Ragnar Blackmane

Wolf Scouts (x5) with melta bombs & Mark of the Wulfen

Wolf Guard terminators (x4) with 3x wolf claws & 1x TH/SS (Land Raider)
Grey Hunters (x8) with meltagun, power fist & Mark of the Wulfen + Wolf Guard with combi-melta & power fist (Rhino)
Grey Hunters (x9) with meltagun, power fist, Mark of the Wulfen & wolf standard + Wolf Guard with combi-melta & power fist (Rhino)

Fast Attack
Land Speeder with multi-melta & heavy flamer

Heavy Support
Long Fangs (x5) with 2x lascannon, 1x heavy bolter & 1x missile launcher + Wolf Guard terminator with cyclone missile launcher

The Idea
The basic premise is pretty obvious. There's 3 troops units, all in transports and 2 of which have a special character leading them. These are supported by heavy weapons from the vehicles and long fangs. This is a mech army for the most part which means that I'll have to get towards shooty armies pretty quickly and also that CC armies will have to destroy my transports if they want to get into assault with the occupants.

The terminators would make a great objective holding unit since they're troops thanks to Logan and with some clever wound allocation they can make the most of their various invulnerable saves. They don't have any long range fire power, however, so they're probably best charging towards an enemy objective with their land raider and hopefully clearing it and then digging in.

The grey hunters are pretty obvious. The pack without IC support will sit on an objective and hug cover whilst peppering anything that comes close with bolter fire. The pack lead by Ragnar will perform a similar role to the terminators and with a flurry of attacks (thanks to Ragnar's Insane Bravado) they'll make short work of anything that gets too close.

Long fangs should help the effort by de-meching the enemy and then the vindi can hopefully pie-plate the occupants. The land speeder and wolf scouts will either be sneaky end of game objective pinchers or help me pick off anything at the back of the enemy lines that's troubling me.

There you have it then. I'm sure I'll end up changing some, if not all, of it but I'll not really know until I try it out. Speaking of which I played Scott's Chaos Space Marines army last Thursday and I'm in the process of writing it up. Suffice to say I think I learnt a lot about objective games!! 

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